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  • UK Shale Stocks Soar 25% On Revival Of Fracking

  • Trump courts energy industry

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Trump courts energy industry

Donald Trump is seeking to make inroads with the fossil fuel industry as he moves into the general election. The businessman and presumptive Republican presidential nominee has not made energy a focal point of his campaign, but the sector has historically been a strong GOP ally. Trump is expected to use a Thursday speech before a North Dakota petroleum convention…

UK Shale Stocks Soar 25% On Revival Of Fracking

UK shale stocks are up as much as 25 percent on the local government’s approval of the first fracking permit in five years, and analyst predictions that fracking could start before year’s end. IGas Energy Plc —with interests in four shale gas projects in the UK—saw its stock rally 25 percent in Tuesday trading, following the British government’s approval of…

Oil at a turning point – no, really

MODES OF THOUGHT Once OPEC nations wielded price-shaping clout. But a US fracking boom, the return of Iran to world markets, and global urgency about carbon emissions changed the mind-set for OPEC titan Saudi Arabia. Oil has entered a new era. For the first time in decades, no entity is trying to regulate oil supplies. Not the Organization of the…