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Election Year Could Change Slump in Oil Prices

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Gas prices are slowly creeping back up, even in Texas. While they’re still down from a month ago, summer travel and a major upcoming election cycle could make that price crawl move a lot faster.

It’s not that much of a jump, but for Bruce Morriss, a recently laid off landman, anything makes a difference.

“Not great for the people in the oil business but, they’re trending up and I expect the oil to continue you to trend up you know, especially this summer,” says Morriss.

For now, those small fluctuations have some East Texans like Shenika Lyons, enjoying the prices.

“I can fill up this SUV for about $25 now compared to the 40 a couple of years ago,” says Lyons.

Others like Liz Thomas say this year has simply been different.


“It’s been a weird year all the way around for gas prices. They’re gonna probably hit about two dollars a gallon again, just enough to make the oil companies comfortable,” says Thomas.

Morris says he’s not so sure about that price point.

“I bet we don’t see two dollar a gallon gas this year,” says Morriss.

Morriss says there is one thing that could really bring those prices back up.

“If we get the right president in office, then I expect that the price of oil will go up substantially and unfortunately for some people the price of gas will as well,” says Morriss.

Regardless of what happens at the polls on Tuesday, for the moment, Morriss says it’ll be a waiting game.


Oil and gas or anything is affected by who’s in office so, we’ll see,” says Morriss.

According to AAA, the national average of gas is up over 30 cents from a week ago. In Texas, that jump is only nine cents.

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